Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Helens blog


Ph: 951-485-0051.   E-mail helengs1970@hotmail.com

Hello I'm  Helen Griffiths, I live in Southern California. I hope you will join me on my blog, its going to be a work in progress I think for now. We'll I am back again, been gone for a while so hope to get back to designing again and getting the blog going.

I have not knit for a while but want to get back into it, I also want to get back into my embroidery and I love to cook so I want to have somewhere for that on this blog.

There are a lot of people out there that know me as I used to do a lot of travelling doing seminars and club demonstrating. I have been to the majority of the states and have enjoyed them all. 

I have 37 knit patterns and instructional books published. They are on the blog finally.

The page for yarn will be ongoing I will be adding different yarns to the page.

If you would like to order my patterns or the yarns please call or e-mail at the above address or call the #.

I  have  a corner for cooking with free recipes. Hopefully I will get so other people can post there recipes and we can all share.

There is a free stuff page which I will keep adding things to 

I will answer questions within reason if you have problems.

I am not on Facebook or Twitter.

Please leave a me a comment. If it say NO COMMENTS, Click on that and you

will be able to leave a comment. Helen