Friday, July 31, 2015

03 Engusa Pattern 17-25

This book is full of things to knit
double e-wrap, dickies, pile
knitting, similknit on the brother.

A very comfy outfit, knitted in
acrylic, use any 2 colour pattern
and a single motif. for the top
pants are knitted using Lycra.
sizes s-m-l-xl

This is a work book, teaching you how 
to do different techniques using the 
ribber. as you can see some of the
different techniques above.

I used the plater with this 2 piece
but its not necessary, knitted with rayon
and acrylic on the double bed.
sizes 38 to 48

A great 2 piece, long line jacket
and skirt has a gathered bottom,
done on the single bed in wool/rayon
Sizes s-m-l-xl

Pockets and pleats complete
this outfit, knitted with 2
strands throughout on the single 
bed. Sizes 12 thru 24.

A beautiful 2 piece, done
using 2 different lace patterns
one fine and the other reg
sizes 10 thru 22, artistic yarn

  This is a 3 piece, plain skirt and
 top, coat is knitted using my 
   technique of plaint double bed
  thread lace. Sizes 38                 


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