Saturday, August 1, 2015

02 Engusa Patterns 9-16

Borgello, 3 & 4 colours in a row.
instructions for birdseye and other
A smart 3 piece ready to wear
to the office or to a meeting.
8 gored skirt, plain top with ribbed
collar, jacket is knit using the long stitch
using the ribber.Wool/rayon. Size s-m-l-xl
An other Bargello 3 & 4 colour book
this one has a vest done in half
milano technique. Has 5 sizes.

This is great for travelling, 
stretch pants that hold there shape.
Woven top for beginners.
knitted in acyrlic with Lycra.
sizes s-m-l-xl

All 3 pieces are knitted using the plating
technique. Pants are plain stockinette
top is thread lace, long vest is lace.
yarn is bramwell artistic and hobby
Sizes 12 thru 24.

Going sailing or out to lunch this card
igan will be the ticket. knit in
cotton, sizes s-m-l Put together using
the latch up method.

all in one dress, with a very pretty lace
cardigan. top of dress is in full needle rib.
skirt is in 4 panels. yarn wool/rayon.
sizes s-m-l-xl

A fabulous book for all types of 
plating, single and double bed.
Included are 3 patterns one for
the single bed and 2 for double



  1. I hope you will all leave a message for me

  2. Hi Helen, I'm interested in your book on knit in lycra, is it book 13 I need?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Caroline I see the one you want, just to let you know that only the pants have Lycra in them. The top is woven no Lycra


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