Sunday, August 2, 2015

01 Engusa Patterns 1-8

This is a one piece dress knitted
using the garter carriage. Yarn is
Bramwells Artistic. Sizes s-m-l-xl 
This is a must for any wardrobe, pants
are knitted plain in wool/rayon and
Jacket is knitted in Italian Mohair ribber
is used in single colour Jacquard
Sizes s-m-l

This 2 piece is knitted entirely in
full needle rib. Yarn is wool/rayon
Bands have serger run off for
an accent. Sizes s-m-l
A very nice all in one dress and coat
skirt part is plain, top is tucked
coat is tucked using 2 strands. Yarn is
a rayon and acrylic. Sizes s-m-l-xl

Going to the theater, go in this
2 piece, 3/4 length coat done in
birdseye jacquard. Dress done on
the single bed plated, yarn is
wool/rayon and candlelite size
A very pretty summer suit, knitted on
the single bed using thread lace, Skirt
has 6 gores and top is a short sleeve cardigan
Yarn wool/rayon and floss. Size s-m-l


This is a cute top knitted plain on
standard bed, using wool/rayon
Iron on dots to make the
chevron embellishments
Sizes s-m-l

A great addition to any wardrobe, knitted with
2 strands of wool/rayon, accented with iron on
pieces. Knit on the standard bed. Sizes s-m-l

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